Saturday, July 12, 2008

Swappin' It!

Once again, today I headed off to the church for one of my favorite days of the year (seriously): The Summer Clothing Swap. Twice a year my friend Retha organizes this fun day where you can bring your clothes, toys and small household items and "exchange" them for things you want. I never miss this day because one of my mottos is: "If it's free, it's for me!"

Actually I have other motivations for going. Lately I've been seriously rethinking my spending habits and I am trying to buy less new items and more thrift store and garage sale items. This swap is a great way to avoid spending hard-earned money on things that are going to become used the minute we get them home anyway. You should see some of the cool things I've gotten at the swap over the years.

This year, I came home with as much stuff as I brought, but one bag was just for Eric. He requested that I get him a lot of T-shirts. I also got some nice shirts for me, a pair of capris, two pair of designer shoes, some cool jewelry and two puzzles for the girls.

Before arriving this morning, I grabbed a bagel and coffee at the Coffee Connection. Then I headed over to the church at 8:15 and only planned on staying for two hours at the max. But as I headed toward my car, I saw Erin walk up with bags in her hands. I just had to stay to see what she brought and I was so glad I did. That's when I got all the cool shirts for me! Then I headed toward the car again and another friend walked up, making me do a u-turn. Then the Pettit's came. I tried to leave a fourth time but the Litonjuas pulled into the parking lot with bags an bags of things. I admit it, I'm a scavenger! The dumpster-diving, free-finding ways of my father and father-in-law have rubbed off on me!

I ended up leaving after being there three hours, and I had a blast talking with Tina, Kim and Retha (they hosted the event) and everyone else who walked in and out! Let's see, how many months until the Fall Swap?


hestermom said...

Bummer I couldn't make it!! Glad you scored!

Jeff Frazee said...

Ah, the good ol' swap days. It makes me miss Ojai. We were definitely like-minded with the Ojai crowd.
I saw that you found Zechariah's blog already. You're good. I don't know if Heidi's even seen it yet.