Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Santa Barbara Limo Ride!

Yesterday we felt like celebrities as we were driven around Santa Barbara in a limousine! Eric's parents live in Santa Barbara, right across the street from a couple (Spencer & Hueguette) who own a limousine service. They have three limos, and every once in a great while, they give Eric's folks ride in one. Recently Eric's dad, Bob, helped Spencer with a project and he in turn offered Bob a limo ride.

Meanwhile Eric's 8-year-old niece is visiting from Canada (Eric's parents flew to Edmonton and flew back to Santa Barbara with Sarah). So yesterday it was arranged for Sarah and the rest of the Hodges to take a tour of Santa Barbara in Spencer's brand new limo! So Grandpa & Grandma, Sarah, Auntie Christine, Amber & Autumn Hodge all crawled inside the limo for a ride on the town! (Sadly, Eric had to stay in Ojai and work). Hueguette was the chauffeur and she took us down State Street first. It was so much fun watching the shoppers gawk at the limo. We really felt like stars. Sarah said, "We're really important, aren't we?!" Bob put it all in perspective, though, by answering, "Yes, we are very important. But then, so is everyone else. We are all important!" I just love his godly perspective on things!

From State Street we went to Stearn's Wharf and we dropped off right in front of the ice cream parlour. I have to admit, it is rather fun stepping (actually crawling) out of a limo in front of dozens of people. Bob treated all of us to ice cream and Autumn had her hands full with a bubble-gun cone she shared with Amber. I bought Eric some of his favorite candy (jordan almonds) in the candy store next door. I had to bring the working man a treat for staying behind while we had fun!

After ice cream we were driven around downtown, although I had no idea where we were from inside the limo. (Actually I wouldn't have a clue if I were driving myself; I've never gotten used to Santa Barbara.) The three girls had more fun looking out the window at the pedestrians and then turning their attention to Hueguette, our chauffeur. On the ride home, they had their heads poked throught the window that separates the driver from the passengers. Hueguette didn't mind. She talked with them and pointed out funny people, dogs and cool buildings as she drove. Autumn got so excited that she tried to crawl through the window and join Hueguette.

We had a blast and it will be a memory I hope the girls never forget. But if they do, I have a few dozen pictures to remind them.


Melanie said...

Wow! What a fun day and to spend it in Santa Barbara too! That has to be the best way to get around SB in the summer.

Ryan said...

What an awesome day. It looked like you all had a blast.
I love the response:
"Yes, we are very important. But then, so is everyone else. We are all important!"

ATSmith said...

What a treat!!! So much fun : )

jnrnojai said...

Christine....that must have been so much fun! I'm glad you were able to have this unique opportunity! I'd love to do that some day! Jan