Monday, July 14, 2008

My "Nightmare!"

The other morning I woke up in a fright! I woke up Eric, too, and he asked me what was wrong. I said, "I had a nightmare!"

My nightmare: I was making Thanksgiving dinner and the side dishes were so small. I prepared carrots and when I dished them into the pretty serving bowl, there turned out to be only enough carrots for one or two people. The same was true of the greens and other side dishes. It was horrible!

You see, every other year I host Thanksgiving for us, Eric's parents and whomever else wants to come (the more, the merrier, I say). I do the whole dinner myself. I really like it that way. So, running out of food on Thanksgiving day would be a nightmare for me. I just can't figure out why I was dreaming about the big feast in the middle of the summer. Maybe I went to be hungry the night before!


hestermom said...

Did Amber get a haircut? And how is your vegetable oil car going??

Rebecca said...

Quit that! You're giving me anxiety attacks! :)

Christine H. said...


I knew someone was going to ask that question about Amber's hair. I should have explained in a sidenote. That picture was taken two years ago (Thanksgiving 2006). Two days before the big day, Amber cut her own hair very short! Yikes! So, that's an old photo.

The veg car is great. I went to Santa Barbara today for free!!!