Friday, June 6, 2008


Today my sister Deborah did what she does best: gave haircuts. She started with Autumn's first haircut. Autumn sat still and Deborah did a great job. Now Autumn looks a little bit older. Next up to the chair was Amber, who just needed a trim. She wiggled the most! I was watching Gina's girls this morning and when Casse saw Amber getting her hair cut, she wanted one, too. So we played a trick on Gina and said that Deborah cut Casse's hair. Then with Gina's okay, Deborah actually ended up giving Gina's girls each a haircut. It was Keira's second haircut. We know it wasn't Casse's first haircut because Zane cut her hair last year! Casse and Keira sat very still in the chair. The salon closed for lunch and reopened in the afternoon when Cora came over to work out. When we returned from Curves, Stella received her first haircut! I think she sat the stillest and did everything my sister said. Stella lost her baby face with that haircut. She now looks like a little girl. After dinner, Deborah--and her assistant, Amber--cut Eric's hair and trimmed mine. My sister really enjoys cutting hair and she is so good at it. Thanks, sis!

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