Friday, May 23, 2008

Sweet-Smelling Tot

Just a few minutes ago, I walked down the hallway toward the girls' room to check on Autumn (she was taking a nap). Usually when I round the corner, I smell a poopy diaper coming from the room (sorry for the gross details). Well today I smelled something sweet and fruity. It really smelled good and I immediately knew what was up. I opened the door and Autumn was sitting on her Amber's bed with Amber's Cinderella Grape Lip Balm in her hands, actually she was holding a container that used to house lip balm. The tube was empty and Autumn's bare feet, hands, face, two toys and part of the bedspread were covered in sweet-smelling grape lip balm! Amber and I had a deal that she could keep the lip balm in the drawer near her bed as long as Autumn did not get into it. Well I learned my lesson and in the future the lip balm will be hidden away on the top shelf of the medicine cabinet and Amber will only be allowed to use it when Autumn is asleep or away. (That was my original plan anyway.) I've cleaned up Autumn and the toys; now I must return to the bedroom to clean the bedspread. Maybe I can spot clean it and avoid doing another load of laundry. I have to look on the bright side of things: Autumn and the bedroom smell really good now!


Christine H. said...

You know it's bad when you can smell it THROUGH the door!

Eric came home for a few minutes and said he can still smell it.

frisky said...

I'm glad it was that and not poop smeared everywhere!!! Yea Lip Balm!!!

heidibelle said...

Wow those two year olds get into everything. Harley got into my mascara the other day and came out with a black eye. Then yesterday she came out after going potty for awhile and when I went in there, she had emptied all the Q Tips into her potty! Oh Bother!!!