Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One of those days...

Every once in awhile you just have to blog about those "less-than-perfect" days. Today was one of them. From 2:45 to 4:45 (in just two short--or shall I say "long"--hours), my girls have managed to do some serious getting into trouble that has created quite a bit of work for me.

First, Amber decided to feed her and her sister a snack without asking me. Had it been the Goldfish crackers or Cheerios, I wouldn't have minded, but Amber chose applesauce. When I came out of my office after working on our budget, Amber said in a cheerful voice, "I decided to give us a snack today so you wouldn't have to." What I had to do was clean up spilt applesauce and change the girls' clothes because their shirts were splattered with their snack.

The next thing they decided to do was get into the fresh olallaberries in the refrigerator, dripping berry juice all over the tile floor, their dresses and faces and hands. Autumn's hands in particular were completely pink. After cleaning the girls' off, having them change clothes AGAIN, spot cleaning the floor and wiping down the table and chairs, I returned to my office to finish addressing a birthday card for my nephew. Not long after that, I walked into the bathroom and into a big pile of water, or so I thought it was. Actually, Autumn had removed her diaper and peed all over the bathroom floor. Maybe she was attempting to potty train herself. Nonetheless, I had to mop that section of the tile floor and take off Autumn's dress. This time I decided to let her go topless. (I just did the girls' laundry and now I have another new pile to clean.)

The last thing that happened occurred while I was typing this...Amber and Natalie (our 7-year-old neighbor) bumped heads and Amber has a tiny bloody nose. Yikes!

Two things I am thankful for in all of this is that I did not lose my cool one bit today--I guess that book on "mommy anger issues" that I studied last summer paid off. And I am also thankful for Natalie playing here today. She is the one who alerted me to the girls' berry incident. She is the one who called me into the bathroom to show me the "water" on the floor and she put a new diaper on Autumn while I mopped. Okay, so she did put a baby doll diaper on Autumn at first (that was SO FUNNY) and she did accidentally give Amber a bloody nose, but she was still a real help.

There you have it...my "not-so-perfect" day. Actually, I've had much worse, but it was still fun to write about.


ATSmith said...

glad you were able to keep your cool. pink hands ... no pics?

Christine H. said...

I just wanted to clean her hands before anything else was tounched and turned pink!

hestermom said...

Ooh...bet you can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!! =)

Kari said...

ah... children :) Love the new bright colorful blog - xo