Friday, May 16, 2008

I love being a mom!

There's no catch, no hidden meaning behind my title. What I wrote is true. Lately I've had an overwhelming love for my daughters and a sense of peace and contentment for where I am in my life...motherhood.

This morning I called my friend Gina and told her, "I have something to tell you that may shock you. (pause for effect) I love being a mother!" Now the reason I called her and told her this is because I have on numerous occasions (sometimes daily) called Gina or other moms for help, to seek prayer or just vent about my children. Today I remembered the Bible verses that teach us to share the joys as well as the sorrows of life (if I stop to look up the verses, I'll never finish this post). Anyway, I called Gina to share my joys: Amber & Autumn.

Now there is nothing new about my girls that gave me an overwhelming sense of love for them. In fact, it's been a crazy week. (Remember my recent post One of those days?) But I still feel very joyful about motherhood. And I am still writing this post after discovering a few minutes ago that Autumn had written in ball-point pen all over all the couch cushions...our couch that we paid full price for and bought brand new two years ago...our couch that still looked like new until a few minutes ago...our couch that (oh, sorry, back to my story about loving motherhood).

So I've been loving on my kids more and just plain enjoying them and reveling in this feeling because I know it will fade, as all feelings do. But when the feeling fades, I'll look back on this story and smile. I'll keep loving my girls regardless of how I feel. And I will share both the frustrations and joys with you along the way.


frisky said...

It sounds like you are "loving well", as Beth Moore would say.
BTW, I love the pic of Autunm pulling on Amber's braid... it's so "Little House On the Prairie"!

And just to put it out there, like you did, I love being a mom, too! And I'm glad I don't have 18 kids like that lady in the news. (Is that okay to say in the same paragraph?)

frisky said...

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's "Autumn" not "Autunm".

Christine H. said...

Little House on the Prairie is a good one, but I was thinking the whole time I looked at Amber on Mother's day that she looked like Jan or Marsha Brady, especially since she was wearing a plaid mini-type skirt and a sweater 70s with a new twist!

And I wish we could spell check our comments! I would love that!

Kari said...

So blessed to read your blog xo - Kari

ATSmith said...

Thanks for sharing the joys of motherhood, Christine : )