Monday, May 19, 2008

The Clean Corkboard

It sounds like a mystery novel, doesn't it. Or maybe a "how-to" book on organization. It's neither. It's just an empty little cork board. Remember my post a long time ago about my empty drawer? (which is still empty, by the way) Well, yesterday I got on an organizing kick (I know, it's a sickness) and decided to toss old paraphernalia and consolidate my three cork boards. Okay, I might as well just address that issue now...yes, I have three cork boards in my office. One is regular-sized and is for holding nothing other than cute little comic strips and old name tags and pins I never wear and stickers...things from my past that I can't part with but that I don't want to stuff into a shoe box or a drawer (even if I do have an empty one).

The second cork board is a huge one that I bought to be used for what cork boards are supposed to be used for--phone numbers on little pieces of paper, event fliers, school schedules, party invitations, little school pictures from relatives and an occasional newspaper clipping. I LOVE that cork board and it is well used.

The third cork board is a half-cork/half wipe-off board that I used when I was a Pampered Chef Consultant, which brings me to my story. Yesterday I cleaned it off and now it is empty and looking very sad next to my other filled-up boards. Now I have an empty drawer AND a clean cork board and the OCD person that lives inside me is disturbed. What will I do with a handful of push pins and nothing to push them into.

Yeah, I DO need serious help!


Christine H. said...

Eric reads my blogs every few days and comments to me but not on the blog. Tonight he said, "You're not OCD, you're just cute!" I said, "I'm a closet OCDer."

frisky said...

I still think it should be "CDO" so that it's in alphabetical order. That makes so much more sense to me. :)

heidibelle said...

You and Gina are too much!!! As for the cork board... I think you should put up photos of people or issues you are praying for!

Christine H. said...

Awesome Idea, Heidi! I just put your tri-fold flier with the pic of you & Jeff on the clean board...I need another prayer card from you. Anyway, I love the idea! Thanks!