Monday, April 7, 2008

Tomorrow is THE BIG DAY

Tomorrow Amber Shea is getting married!

Last Thursday she came home from preschool with some big news...

Amber: Aiden and I made a decision today.
Mommy: What did you decide?
Amber: Aiden and I decided we are going to get married.
Daddy: Could I at least meet him first?

Aiden is the 5-year-old twin brother of Bryce who attends preschool with Amber. They've been preschool friends for two years, and I did catch them playing together when I picked her up Thursday. All weekend, and especially today, she has been talking about the big day--which is tomorrow. Thanks to my showing Amber my wedding video, she has plannned out every last detail of her wedding. The music...the rings...a white cake with a picture of the two of them on it...a slide show of pictures of the two of them to be shown at the reception. Then after they are married they are going to "get themselves a baby."

But my favorite thing Amber said tonight about the upcoming wedding was, "And we get to hold hands! That is going to be so much fun!"


mandrews said...

HAHA!!! That is too funny! "THE BIG DAY"...

So I hear you have been commenting on my friend's blog? Her name is Kate but she is not Darren's Kate... just so you know... but you can keep commenting on her awesome blogs if you want!

Eschew obfuscation! said...

Hahaha! :D That's pretty funny. Is "the other Kate" blonde? 'Cause if so, I might know her from the same trip as Michaela. That'd just be too funny. Anyway, yeah, I'd seen the link to your blog and a few comments on Michaela's blog, so I figured you were a friend of hers.
And I'd be honored to read your blog. :)
A very happy Tuesday to you, Christine!

Mom Martha said...

Ahhhh...I know her new husband~! I have known him since he was born~! They come over here and hang out sometimes so...I approve~!
Mom Martha