Friday, April 25, 2008

If You Give Christine a Duster

All I started to do this morning was return my hats to the ceiling-high shelves in our bedroom. Of course, while I was up there on the step-ladder I had to dust. Then I had to dust the dresser that the other dust fell upon. Then I had to rearrange my bedroom... I was retelling my morning to my friend Cora on the phone and she said, "Do you know what this reminds me of? The book ‘If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.’ You should write a story about this and put it on your blog."

And so, here is the story (all of it is true):

If You Give Christine a Duster
By Christine A. Hodge

If you give Christine a duster
she’s going to want to dust the ceiling-high shelves in her bedroom.
And when she dusts up high, the dust will fall to the dresser below
and she will have to dust the dresser and everything on it.
When she removes everything off of the dresser and onto her bed
she’ll notice that the bedspread doesn’t match the new motif she wants for her room
so she decides she will go shopping next month for a new bedspread.
That thought causes her to look around the room and see what else doesn’t "fit"
and she starts removing paintings and plaques from the walls.
Standing back and looking at the bare walls, she notices they are dirty
and goes and gets a wet cloth and washes them.
When she turns to throw away the dirty cloth, she sees all of the stuff on her bed
and realizes that she needs to put things away
and so she takes the things that no longer "belong" to the hall closet.
Looking inside the closet, she notices an empty box that would make a perfect little table for the girls’ bedroom.
She takes the box into the girls’ room, sets it upside down and realizes that it needs a tablecloth.
She remembers saving one of the girls’ little baby blankets and goes to retrieve it.
After putting the "tablecloth" on the "table" she thinks it still looks bare
and so she gets a few play dishes and sets the table.
Then she remembers that she never finished putting away her bedroom things
and returns to her room to finish the job.
As she puts her great-aunt’s china doll back on the dresser,
she wishes she had a chair for the doll to sit upon.
While she is brainstorming, she suddenly remembers a wooden doll chair
that her daughter recently got rid of
so she retrieves it out of the "garage sale" bag and puts the doll upon the chair.
Standing back and looking at her finished project
she sees the duster that needs to be put away.
And you know that if you give Christine a duster
she’s going to want to rearrange the room!

The hats that started the whole project!

The new "table" in the girls' room.

The finished project (for now!)


frisky said...

I think that's the definition of a "SHE", a Side-tracked Home Executive! At least you got it done! You go girlfriend!!! It looks good!

eccobellea said...

I'd LOVE to give you a duster at my house! xoxo

ATSmith said...

Very fun : )

Rebecca said...

Two words for you:
Energizer. Bunny.
You're a hoot, girl!

heidibelle said...

That was very cute... Maybe I'll use iy for a bedtime story tomorrow... no tonight.