Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Amber's Wedding Day

Well, she did it! Amber tied the knot today and became Mrs. Aiden (heck, I don't even know his last name). I went to school to pick her up and she was married. *** If you are totally confused, read yesterday's blog .

This morning when Amber woke up, she was all giddy. "Today I'm getting married," she said with excitement. When we got to preschool and Aiden saw her, he came up to her and said, "We're getting married." Their teachers smiled and Miss Debra played along and asked Aiden about the ceremony. "Do you have a ring for Amber?" she asked. Aiden said, "Well, I know she likes purple, so it will have to be purple because we are doing whatever she wants." (Smart boy, I thought) Then I left for my morning of errands and laundry.

When I picked Amber up after school, I met Aiden's dad for the first time and he told me that he, also, had heard about the wedding all weekend. I introduced myself and said, "Nice to meet Amber's in law."

When I saw Amber, she said that the wedding did, in fact, take place. She said that she threw the flower case (bouquet) and Gracie and Calla caught it. Aiden's twin brother, Bryce, was the best man. Then Amber told me that after the wedding, Bryce clung to Aiden's leg and cried. Amber said she thought about also marrying Bryce, but she said, "You can't marry two boys. So I told Aiden that it's time for you to go to your brother and spend time with him. The wedding is over and we're married and your brother is sad. But Bryce still cried, mom."

I retold the story to Miss Debra who said that Amber was right. Bryce did have a meltdown--which she said was a long time coming anyway. You see, Bryce wants to do everything with his twin and when Aiden "got married" he was very upset.

I guess he got over it because when we left the school yard, Bryce and Aiden both gave Amber a hug.

On the way home, Amber said, "Bryce wants to have a play date, but I don't even know his phone number!"

And there you have it!


Kari said...

Has she registered anywhere??:)

Melanie said...

Congrats! I have known Charlie for a long time and he will be a wonderful father-in-law! I just read both entries to my mom and we were just laughing at the cuteness. So glad that you captured the big day in her words. :)

Mom Martha said...

I have their phone number so we can arrange a play date...how about on a Saturday so I can come too! I love their dad so...all is well...
He is a sheriff in Santa Barbara County so...BE GOOD~!

frisky said...

Holy Moley!! If I would have known she got married today, I would have thrown her a party while she was here!!
Aaawwww, her anniversary is on my birthday, too!

Rebecca said...

Oh, my goodness. And that's why my girls will never, ever cross the threshold of a school. ;) That's too, too cute!