Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our New Toy

Last week, Eric bought a used scooter for $75 and fixed it up. We are having so much fun cruising around our neighborhood. Eric takes Amber on short rides around the block, and she loves it! Autumn got on it once but she's afraid of it, probably because of the noise. She hates loud noises, and this thing is noisy! I can't wait to take it to Rite Aid to buy a pack of diapers next time we run out! The little trunk will just about hold a pack of diapers and no more. We're just not sure of the laws concerning a scooter this small. I know we need helmets, but is it legal to take on the main streets? Anyone have a clue? If not, we'll just have fun taking around the block. The other day Eric took it to help a neighbor; he lives across the street and two doors down! I just had to give him a hard time about it when he returned. He said, "I just had to have an excuse to use it!" Next thing you know, we'll be fighting over it! Ha Ha!!


Rebecca said...

Well, aren't you looking European! ;)

Christine H. said...

Yes, I had bought that hat the previous week at a garage sale. And it does go with the scooter, doesn't it? But I'll have to wear a helmet from now on.

Jeff Frazee said...

Thanks for commenting on our flickr photo. You're the best. I can always count on a comment from you.
As much as I would have loved being at your wedding... I'm glad I got to read the summarized version. Did Amber make it through the whole video?
The scooter looks like a lot of fun. I miss riding a moped in Africa. After the European comment, I've just got to get one when we're in France.
Jeff Frazee