Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On killing chickens

Tonight we were eating Chinese Chicken Salad for dinner and Amber started the lively conversation...

Amber: Do you know what kind of chicken I like the best?

Mommy: What kind?

Amber: The kind you kill and eat.

(At this point I'm thinking, "Where did that come from?")

Daddy: Do you want to kill a chicken and pluck out all of the feathers?

Amber: No.

Daddy: Why?

Amber: Because I'm too little and I'm not allowed to use a knife.

Daddy: When you're older do you want to kill a chicken?

Amber: Yes.

Then she thought about it and said, "No" and continued the conversation.

Amber: When Papa in Santa Barbara was a teen-ager he killed a chicken and ate it.

(Okay, now I get where she came up with the idea!)


hestermom said...

Yes, and tonight, as I was cutting up a pork roast...Caleb asked, "Is that meat? Is that a dead cow?" And I said, "No, it's a dead pig." Too bad we're almost done reading Charlotte's Web. Ben said he wanted to tell them, "that's Wilbur." SO sad.

Rebecca said...

I'm sure if she tries it she'll quickly learn to appreciate the pre-killed, pre-plucked Foster Farms variety of chicken. I know I do.