Friday, March 7, 2008

The Little Orange Wagon

Last week my little orange wagon that I used when I was a toddler finally bit the dust! Now before I go on with my little tale, some of you who know me and my distaste (okay, hatred) for the color orange, must be thinking, "How in the world did she end up with an ORANGE wagon?" Well, believe it or not, I had an all-orange bedroom as a child. Yes, ALL ORANGE. The bedspread, the dresser, the toy box, the desk. The whole room! (You should see the pictures.) By the time I reached my pre-teen years, my color tastes had changed and I had a room full of mostly yellow furniture with bright blue and green accents. (Just like my bright yellow house!) So, there you have it.

Back to the orange wagon. I used it as a child and so did all of my nieces and nephews and my own two daughters, along with their friends. When Heidi saw these pictures that I sent her, she said, "So sorry about your wagon. I remember many happy kids playing with that thing!!!" My mom asked me why I threw it away (actually recycled it), and I told her that it was falling apart and the wheels were broken. She said, "You could have put new wheels on it!" But it was time for it to go to that big recycling compound in...(where does our recycling go?) My mom said that every one of her grandchildren played with that wagon, and since I am her youngest and we are done having kids, the wagon came full circle and was used to its potential.

I remember being pulled around in that orange wagon, and later pulling my baby dolls around in it. I tried numerous times to get my Scottie dog (a real one) to sit still in the wagon so we could go for a walk. When I learned how to write I took a permanent marker and drew a licence plate on the back and side of my wagon so I'd be an official "driver." At the Hodge Lodge, my kids and their friends mostly used it in the back yard to haul rocks from one place to another. What memories! What fun! Don't worry about me, I'm not sad to see it go. Autumn wasn't sad, either. But I did have to toss it out while Amber was inside the house reading. She's been to counseling over it and she's okay now. (JUST KIDDING!)


frisky said...

Well, okay, the completely orange room explains A LOT.
You know, I have yet to restore my old yellow bike that I had when I was a kid. It's on the other side of our house. Banana seat and all baby. I took it from my Dad's house before they moved to Oregon. I just can't seam to part with it.
I'm very proud of you for being able to actually send it off to that great big recycling center in the sky... or at least Ventura. You go girl.

Rebecca said...

You put on such a brave face, Christine. Way to let go! :) I don't think any of my childhood toys made it to the next generation, except my favorite bear, but my kids don't seem very interested in him.

Christine H. said...

That's so funny that everyone is so proud of me for throwing it away. It wasn't hard at all! : )I don't hang on to things as much as I used to. Two kids will do that to you.

Becky, fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) my mom saved tons of my stuff. So many toys the kids play with now were mine(the Little People) and almost all of their books were mine. When they get a little older, I even have Halloween costumes that my mom made me. Too much stuff, but it's cool to pass doen to the kids.