Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday?

What’s so good about Friday? I was challenged with this thought recently. I know that the good part about what happened more than 2,000 years ago "today" is that Jesus died for our sins. That is good. But it does seem strange that we call today Good Friday. I mean, after all, Jesus was struck, slapped, spit upon, scourged and ultimately put to a most gruesome death on a cross for our sins...

"He is worthy of death," they answered. Then they spit in his face and struck him with their fists. Others slapped him and said, "Prophesy to us, Christ. Who hit you?" Matthew 26:66-67

Now I know that being spit upon is not painful, but I’ve been told it’s rather humiliating. When I was a reporter in Arizona, I was assigned to cover the Peoria Police Department and so I had a few occasions to ride along with the officers. As we drove through the city one day, I asked the officer I was with what was the worst thing that had happened to him on the job. His answer surprised me. He said he’s been shot at, hit, kicked, had every swear word in the book spewed out at him, and he’d been thrown up on. But he said the thing he hated the most, the thing that was so disgusting and degrading, was being spit upon by a perpetrator whom he is trying to handcuff.

Being spit upon is nothing compared to hanging to death on a cross, but every time I read those words in the Bible, I think about the humiliation Christ suffered, along with the pain. Just something to ponder.


frisky said...

You know, at the labrynth where you get up and stand face-out on the cross? That made me realize in a little way, how humiliating it must have been for Jesus. I felt humiliated doing it and it was a lot easier for me for several reasons; I was fully clothed, not naked, oh, nobody else was there to see me, and nobody was making fun of me. Jesus had everyone there to see Him, His disciples, His mother, people who loved Him, people who hated Him, mocking Him. He was naked, dying, and in excruciating pain. All the while having the authority to stop it. Ooohhhh, what He must have gone through. "Thank You, Lord Jesus"... just doesn't seem like enough, does it?

Rebecca said...

Thanks for that post, Christine. It's so easy for me to blaze right though days like today without even pausing to think what it all means. I really needed that reminder.

Kari said...

Hi Christine,
I started to write about "Good" Friday (on Good Friday :) and ended up not posting it, so It was cool for me to read your blog. I did come to understand that Good Friday is also called Great Friday and Holy Friday, God's Friday and referred to at one time as Long Friday, as it was a day of imposed fasting by Anglo-Saxons (maybe around the 5th century) In my own reasoning (lacking theological degrees) "good" is my attempt to reconcile the awestruck and humbling position in which I stand because of His immeasurable love for us. Christ gave His life for us, willingly. Good Friday is a day in which we stop and hopefully consider in our own "human" way the "Divine's" supreme intercession and intervention on our behalf. It is good and so much more than good. It is haltingly indescribably amazing. (Haltingly Indescribably Amazing Friday is probably way too long!) Guess I'll stick with "good." xo :)