Monday, March 10, 2008

Going Green

If my extended family knew how "green" I've gotten lately, they would laugh. My brother-in-law, Rich, laughingly says that I live in the capital city of the "Land of the Fruit and Nuts" (Calif.). Good thing he doesn't read my blogs. I have a new product and a new idea to share with you on going green. But first...

I am so happy to report that I have finally gotten into the groove of using my reusable shopping bags everywhere I go. I have five from TJs, one from Rite Aid, one from a walk-a-thon and my "God is green" one that is always attached to my purse. Once I started using them, I got into the habit of taking them out of my car at the store and then putting them back into my car at home after after putting the goods away. Some of the clerks at Target aren't happy with my use of the TJs bags in their store, but I've decided to bag my own goods at stores like that where the clerks are less than happy to use my bags. I want to be a good witness and not a burden to them because they're already over-worked and stressed out. Most places I go, though, I get a warm reception as I unfold my bags and hand them over...
So, I am excited to share a few not-so-new "green" products (but new to me):

1.) Laundry Helpers: I bought these last month in the dollar bins at our Ojai Rite Aid. They were $2. If I had known they were going to work, I would have bought a bunch for my "green" friends. Hopefully they're still there. I'm sure you can pick them up at other stores, too. The clerk at Rite Aid said she's had hers for 10 years and they still work. I've used them a few times on clothes, towels and sheets, and they work fine. You don't get that April fresh smell, but you also don't put chemicals into your clothes, and you save lots and lots of money, even if they cost more than $2.
2.) Hogwash: This is for real, despite the name. It's a bar of soap used to remove stains from clothes. But the soap is made from all-natural ingredients, and yes, parts of a pig (I forget which part). It works better than spray stain remover, and again, there's no chemicals. I bought mine at a plant nursery in Cambria, so I'm sure they're sold at other nurseries.
3.) Natural Recipe for Household Cleaner: I found, and modified, a recipe that works great on counters and mirrors and windows.
1 cup white vinegar
1 cup water
1/4 cup rubbing alcohol
10 to 20 drops of essential oil(s) of your choice. (The more oil you put in, the more streaks you're going to get on your mirrors/windows. So you might want to mix a separate bottle with no oil for mirrors/windows.)
* I figured out by trial and error that adding lemon juice to a household cleaner mixture causes the mix to leave streaks on mirrors/windows.
Have fun "going green!"


Rebecca said...

Thanks for the tip! I've wondered about those dryer balls. The sheets are SO overpriced, and so oversaturated with fragrance.

frisky said...

I've been using the dryer balls for a long time. They definitely help the clothes dry faster. I will still use dryer sheets (with them too)if it's an especially staticy time of year. I do like the ones that have no smell to them though, I want to smell like my lotion or perfume alone, not mixed with fabric softener!