Thursday, February 28, 2008

Blessed to See My Family

On my three recent trips to Phoenix to see my brother Steve and then go to his memorial, I was blessed to see family (on both my side and Steve's wife's side) whom I haven't seen in years! Here's a glimpse of my family...
My parents, George & Vivian/ My brother Tim & wife Alisa

Me & my niece Amanda/ My nephew Chris & girlfriend Melissa

My sister Deborah & husband Rich/ Johanna (Steve's wife) & Eric

Me & Angie (Johanna's daughter)/ Johanna's son, David (far right)

Steve's stepson (from 1st marriage), Walter & wife Sasha/ Steve's neighbor, Josh, whom Steve "adopted" as his own son

Family traditions when we all get together in Phoenix: 1.) Dinner at Fajitas, and 2.) Deborah does the rounds cutting everyone's hair.
Although the circumstance surrounding these family gatherings was sad, I still felt incredibly blessed to see my family and friends, and I will treasure those times, along with the memories of Steve!


ATSmith said...

I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing : )

Rebecca said...

That's so amazing. You're really blessed to have such a big, loving family to meet up with now and then.

frisky said...

Oh how I love big family gatherings. I liked being able to put faces to their names.

Michele said...

Thanks so much for sharing those, I haven't seen them in awhile but your parents look great! It's good to see Tim and Alisa too. And I'm sad to say, you've flung a craving on me for Fajitas! That's where Scott and I went on our first dinner date and is one of our favorite places. We may need to introduce our son to it now!

heidibelle said...

Great photos. I'm so glad you had the opportunity for all that family time!!!

Christine H. said...


I wanted so much to see you when we were there, but the time was so short. I also wanted to see that new little one! We may return in September for my high school 20th reunion. We'll have to see you then if we go!!!