Saturday, January 19, 2008

With the flick of a switch

Yesterday our neighbor brought over some hand-me-down toys for the girls. One of them was a talking baby doll. She says, "Mommy, I'm hungry," "Mommy, I'm thirsty," "Let's play," "Mommy, play music," and my favorite, "No."

This morning--and a few times last night--Amber said to her new doll, Lucy, "I'm turning you off!" And she turned the doll over, removed the Velcro clothes and turned off Lucy.

Amber started talking in complete sentences when she was 18-months-old, and she's never stopped. But I never could find that "on" and "off" switch. Now I'm looking for it on Autumn, but I still can't find it!


frisky said...

It's so funny that we always want them to get to the next step, but when they get there, it's like, "Wait! Go back!" Well, maybe not for everything, but you know what I mean.
Oh, and I think I would just settle for a volume control.

ATSmith said...

Volume control would be fabulous : ) I love that she wanted to turn her off. Lately some noises have started to bother Sage and she says, (very annoyed), "That sound is driving me crazy."