Saturday, January 26, 2008

Walking in the Rain

Tonight Eric and I went on a date to a restaurant in downtown Ventura. It's always packed anywhere near Main Street, so we had to park three blocks away and walk to the restaurant (okay, Eric says we only parked one block away). Anyway, it wasn't raining when we walked to Cafe Fiore, but when we left the restaurant it was pouring! Eric asked me if I wanted to wait in the restaurant while he got the car and I said, "No, I've always wanted to walk in the rain with you."

After getting wet just waiting to cross the street, we half-walked, half-trotted back to the car. I was not dressed very warmly and I had open-toed heels on my feet, and I said out loud, "Wait a minute, I've never wanted to walk in the rain with you! What was I thinking!" Eric said, "Yeah, I thought that was strange that you said that." Anyway, we arrived at the car, very wet and laughing. Walking in the rain wasn't as romantic as the movies portray, but any night out with Eric almost always ends in laughter. I am truly blessed.


frisky said...

You're so funny! Nothing is as romantic as the movies makes it seem.
BTW, your eyebrows look great!

Christine H. said...

Thanks! It's a pic from Dec. 2006. I had a good eyebrow wax and have had crappy ones since. I need to go back to that lady!

ATSmith said...

The movies make everything look magical and lovely! Not the case. Thanks for the true account.

try2bAsunbeam said...

lol, how absolutely sweet. I just mentioned on my blog today how nice it is to be able to laugh with our hubbies. How truly blessed we are!


Rebecca said...

It's probably more romantic when it's warm summer rain like they have everywhere else in the country. :) And when you're not wearing open-toed heels!