Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Day at the Ranch

I'm finally sitting down to post about our fun day at Restoration Ranch on January 1. Of course, who knows how many sentences I'll be able to write before one of my girls get up from their "naps."

On New Year's Day, our family picked up Eric's dad, Bob, in Santa Barbara and headed north on the 101 toward Buelton. Bob knows the owner of a 1,000 acre ranch near Nojoqui Falls. Our original intent was to go mushroom hunting, but the terrain was too dry for 'shrooms, so we did many other fun things, like Cow Pie Tossing. The ranch has many cows and no matter where you go, you have to watch your step, if you know what I mean! Bob brought along his hiking stick, and so he decided--after our picnic lunch, thank you--that we'd have a contest to see who could toss cow pies the furthest. No matter where we go, Bob is always coming up with fun and interesting games to play!

After pitching hardened manure off the end of Bob's walking stick, we got in the car and drove back down toward the ranch house. Along the way, we had to stop to open the many gates that divide the land. I gladly volunteered to open and close the gates, jumping out of the car each time we got to one. I was so excited to open the last gate, because behind the gate was a herd of cattle. That meant that I got to "shoo" the cattle out of the way so Eric could drive on. I opened the gate, waved my hands wildly and shouted, "Shoo! Go away! Move on!" The city girl in me was having way too much fun! After Eric drove through, I started taking pictures of all of the cows, and I forgot to close the gate! Oh no! Cow #8 ran out into the pasture. Yikes! I was--of course--oblivious to this because I was taking pictures and having a grand old time. I didn't even notice Eric and Bob waving at me and yelling, "Close the gate! Close the Gate!" I finally closed it, and by that time Eric and Bob were on the other side of the fence trying to "shoo" #8 back where he belonged. They quickly got him through the gate, which was a good thing because all of the hired hands had the day off, I think. The ranch was empty. I said to the guys, "Is it really a big deal that one cow got out into the pasture?" I clearly have no idea about these things!

We had fun the rest of the time looking at the goats and horses and climbing on haystacks and walking over rickety bridges. It was a fun holiday!


frisky said...

I'm glad to hear you didn't try milking one of THOSE cows!!

mandrews said...

Great photos Christine! Looks like loads of fun!

ATSmith said...

I love the fence picture (with Autumn) -- super cute : ) Glad you guys had fun.

Kari Rodems said...

What a great day!

try2bAsunbeam said...

That looks so beautiful! Nothing like the time with your family. Precious!