Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Yesterday we all went to Santa Barbara to Eric's parents home to visit Eric's sister, Amy. Amy and her husband, Dave, and their kids, Pieter (12) and Rachel (10), are en route from Canada to New Zealand. They have left their Canadian home in the hands of a relative and are going to live in New Zealand for a year before deciding if they'll move there permanently! Amy already has been hired to be a nurse in a senior care facility. They are taking only the allotted two pieces of luggage each, and will purchase everything else they need once they get settled. I'm sure the very thrifty Amy will seek out the best second-hand stores and garage sales for many of their purchases. What an adventure they are embarking upon! They will be our role models and test pilots, as Eric and I are wanting to take a similar year-long adventure to Catalina Island when the girls are older. Eric's Uncle Steve came down from Palm Springs and Eric's cousin, Grace visited from the nearby city college. We had a wonderful time with everyone! Here's some pictures of Eric's fun family!
Eric's sister Amy, Cousin Grace & Eric
Amber just adores her cousin, Rachel!

Cousin Pieter & Amber

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Rebecca said...

We spent a few days in and around Auckland one year on an Australia/Pacific Rim tour. It was THE most gorgeous place I've ever seen. That's so cool that they get to live there!