Saturday, January 5, 2008


I was just editing my profile, and I saw that under the heading "Industry" it stated that mine was "Accounting." Who put that there? It definitely was a mistake. I'm a journalism major and an English minor and I barely made it through all of my math classes in high school and college. I am very good friends with my three calculators and I haven't balanced my checkbook in years (I don't want to hear any lectures on that subject). Anyway, I found it amusing and quickly changed my industry to "Communications/Media." That's more like it, but actually I wish Google had a category called "Home." That's my main industry and I am very happy to say that. Accounting? Yeah, right!


Kari Rodems said...

Right there with you! xo - Kari

Marie said...

It said the same thing for me. Found out that's just the top choice on the list and so got chosen by default. I also searched for something related to the home. Nothing there. But you can say "not specified" and then the whole industry line vanishes from your profile. Happy blogging & God bless, Marie

frisky said...

Were you talking to me when you said you didn't want a lecture about not balancing your checkbook? 'Cause if you change your mind, I still can.