Thursday, November 29, 2007

God's Winged Creation

Just a few minutes ago, I walked outside to put mail in the mailbox and I walked into a flurry of activity. Dozens upon dozens of birds were congregating in my front yard. When I stepped onto the path, they scattered into nearby trees and bushes. I put my mail in the box, put the flag up and ever-so-slowly walked back to my front porch where I stood there--still as a statue--until the birds returned to their activities of pecking around in the grass for berries and seeds. I had never seen so many birds in my front yard! There were a few blue jays and some yellow-breasted finches and some sparrows. But the majority of the birds were little sparrow-like birds that were light brown all over, until they spread their wings. Then I discovered a bright yellow patch on their tails, under their wings. I could only see it when they flew. I thought of how marvelous God's creation is and how creative he was when he decided to give these little birds a hidden patch of brightness.

I also got to watch a hummingbird drink nectar from my neighbor's flowers. Now talk about creativity! I wonder what God was thinking when he designed the hummingbird to be able to fly backwards and hover in mid-air by rapidly flapping its wings 15–80 times per second and maintain its position while drinking nectar. And those tiny birds can fly! When it was startled, I saw that hummingbird take off across the street so fast I lost sight of it!

The last thing I saw before returning to the house was a turkey vulture soaring in the sky. Those birds may look ugly on the ground, but when they fly...when they soar, they are absolutely beautiful. After taking off at a fast pace, the turkey vulture just hung in the air, like a kite floating on the wind. It reminded me of my skydiving days. All I could think in my mind was, "Thank you, God, for creating birds!"

Reluctantly I walked back into the house because I guess I can't spend all day on my front porch (wouldn't that be nice!). I think the birds were happy that I left because right before I turned to go, one of those yellow-patched birds flew right into my face! (Okay, I get the hint!) Now they can go back to their foraging in peace. I can go back to my mommy and household duties with a little more peace, too, for I got to commune with God, even if for a few minutes, during an otherwise hectic day.

Monday, November 26, 2007

"Nordhoff" the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

I think I've reached a record--more than two weeks without a post on my blog! We were on vacation for a week and then my parents visited from Arizona for a week. So, I am finally sitting down to post something. I don't have time to post about our vacation because Autumn just wandered in the office looking mischievous. So, here's a short one...

Yesterday and today we've been decorating the house for Christmas. This morning, Amber put on reindeer antlers and said, "Look, Daddy, I'm Nordhoff!"*

* For those out-of-towners reading my blog and thinking "What's so funny about that?" Nordhoff is the name of our local high school, and it's pronounced like Rudolf.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Price Is Right, Part 2

Finally, they are airing the Price Is Right episode that I was on (well, in the studio audience) back in early October. The episode will air at 10:00 a.m. this Wednesday, November 14 on CBS. We will be on vacation, so we will get to see it in our hotel room. If anyone wants to videotape it for us, that would be great! I'm sitting in the middle, toward the front with dark blue jeans, a white shirt and red sweater, waving my arms and screaming my head off! I'm sure you'll be able to see me.

Well, we're off on our family vacation to Cambria (central Calif. coast) for a week! Yay!!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Just two posts ago, I blogged about superglue. Now I'm writing about Velcro. What's next, you ask? Let's see, masking tape. No, I'm not going to start writing tidbits about household adhesives. Actually, Eric said I should blog about this. You know you're a serious blogger when your spouse starts suggesting you write about daily occurrences.

So here goes...Today Eric bought Velcro. On his own. And used it. On his own. That's it. There's nothing more to write.

Seriously, though, I went outside to play with the girls today and there were three different sized plastic storage bins by the back door. At first, I thought that one of Eric's customers was getting rid of them and gave them to us. He sometimes brings home food and clothes and stuff for the girls, courtesy of his customers. So, I got all excited, thinking of how and where I was going to use these new treasures. I love organizing! Yeah, I know, it's a blessing, and a curse! I asked Eric where he got the bins and he said that he bought them. He bought them! What? Where? (the hardware store, if you must know.) Later, I went into the house to start dinner and when I came out, he had organized all of his scan tools and computers and accessories.

He plugged all of his scan tool cords and computer cords into one power strip, bound up all of the cords and placed it all in a bin. He cut a hole in the bin for an extension cord to pass through and--walla--all of his loose cords were neatly organized. Then he Velcroed (here's where the title comes in) his printer to the lid of the storage bin so it wouldn't slide around on the seat of his car, like it used to. Okay, I was IMPRESSED! Eric is not an organized person, by nature. But wait, there's more! He took me back into the house and showed me his "charging station." (He was so proud!) He plugged all of the chargers for his scan tools and computers into an extension cord and put them all in another storage bin. He cut a hole in the bin for the extension cord to go through and plugged it into an outlet under the craft table. Now all he has to do is open the bin and plug the chargers into the appropriate tools and charge them up, all the while keeping them tidy and away from the girls. Wow!

Well, there you have it...the Velcro story that Eric wanted me to post on my blog. Oh--by the way--even though I didn't get to use the storage bins, Eric let me keep the leftover Velcro. Yippee!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Music moves me. And there's a new song out by my favorite singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman, called Cinderella, that I think every young father should listen to. I cry every time I hear it. I just bought the whole CD, This Moment, and it's worth purchasing. There's a great song on the CD written especially for young mothers, called One Heartbeat, that also is a tear-jerker. To hear Cinderella, click SCC's link below, and let me know what you think.

Friday, November 2, 2007


I hate superglue! And "hate" is not too strong of a word to describe my feelings. Every time I use superglue it ends up all over my hands. But with two very rambunctious preschoolers who manage to find new ways to break things around the house (and they're girls!), I find myself grabbing the bottle to fix what I can before I throw it away.

My friend, Gina, knows all about my superglue woes. Last year I called her up in a tizzy because I had managed to glue my hand to the cardboard back of a picture frame that I was repairing. The hanging piece had fallen off and I was glueing it back on when the tube of superglue exploded from the bottom and squirted glue all over my left hand.

When I get superglue on my hands, it lasts for days because I guess I have tough skin. Fingernail polish remover with acetone doesn't work. Soaking my hands in soapy water works a little bit. But mostly it just has to wear off over several days.

The other night I was suffering from insomnia due to a concussion I received Monday when I accidentally slammed the car trunk hatch on my head. (That's another story altogether, and not as exciting.) So, after uploading pictures and blogging, I decided to repair a broken porcelain tea set of Amber's that Autumn accidentally (the verdict is still out) dropped on the floor. Amber had such a good attitude when Autumn dropped it, that I wanted to try to glue the pieces back together for her. So, at midnight, I got out the superglue. That was my first mistake!

First, I glued the broken plate. Success! Then I glued the handle back onto the teapot. Yes! No glue on my hands yet! Then I glued the teacup back together. I stood back to look at the repaired porcelain and smiled. I looked at my clean, superglue-free hands and beamed. I thought to myself, "Gina would be proud!" And then I looked at the tea set again. That was my second mistake! I noticed that the plate was sticking to the cardboard that I had placed it on, so I gently picked up the plate to move it to a new spot on the cardboard. The plate broke in two again and splotched superglue all over both my hands! I ran to the bathroom to try to wash it off. I new it wouldn't work, but I was desperate. I spent the next 30 minutes peeling glue off of my skin before retiring to bed at 1 a.m.

The glue is still on my skin. And that's why I hate superglue!


P.S. I managed to find a superglue I like the best. It comes in a nearly indestructible bottle, so at least the tube won't explode on me. It's in a green and gray bottle: Loctite Superglue Goof Proof (goof proof for everyone but me!).