Sunday, December 30, 2007


I just finished super-gluing four damaged ornaments and I did not get one drop of superglue on my fingers or hands! They're drying, so I have to resist the urge to check on them right now. (See my original Superglue story for some laughs.)

In other news, today Amber and I were pretending we were friends getting together at Starbucks. We were "ordering" our drinks, and Amber said with confidence, "I'll have a Decaf Mocha with caffeine and coffee in it." Sometimes she's just too darn cute!


frisky said...

Well, at least she knows she likes her caffeine... even though she's trying to hide behind the "decaf" label! That's so funny!
And, all I can say about the superglue is, wow! I'm so proud of you.

frisky said...

Okay, so I was telling Billy that Christine and Amber were "playing" Starbucks and what Amber had said and he's giving me the funniest look. He asked why they were "playing" Starbucks and I was then looking at him strangely, explaining that they were just pretending, like playing school or house. Then he started laughing... he thought I meant Christine and Amber Smith!! LOL!