Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Family Vacation 2007

It's been three weeks since we went on our vacation and I am finally sitting down to blog about it. Eric took the girls out for ice cream, and so I have a few minutes to myself.

We drove up the coast to Cambria, a little town (smaller than Ojai) in Central California. We've vacationed there as a family or just the two of us for the past eight or more years, I think. We always stay at our favorite place, Cambria Pines Lodge. It was a fabulous week of relaxation, refreshment and fun. Here are a few highlights of the fun, funny and interesting things that happened:

* We celebrated two birthdays on vacation: Eric turned 32 on Monday and Autumn turned two on Friday. On Eric's birthday, we met a guy at the jacuzzi who was also celebrating his birthday. On Autumn's birthday, we met a little boy at the playground who was also celebrating his birthday. What are the odds?

* Amber had her first sleepwalking incident (that we know of) on vacation. I woke up at 2:30 a.m. one morning to Amber yelling, "Mommy, Daddy, I need help! I don't know where I am!" She was in the bathroom. I led her back to bed and she was out in less than 30 seconds! I used to sleepwalk. One time I walked out the front door!

* We got to watch me on the Price Is Right on Wednesday in the hotel room. You could see me in the studio audience several times. (BTW, Did anyone tape it for me?)

* Amber & I went on a "mommy date." We had lunch and a mocha/hot chocolate and then got pedicures at this over-priced salon. Amber had a flower painted on each big toe. Good thing we took pictures of her feet because later that day, all of the polish came off all but one of the toes after Eric took Amber swimming! She had such a good attitude and said to me, "Well, at least we have a picture of my toes."

* In out hotel room, we watched Arizona upset #2 ranked Oregon in an awesome football game (32 to 24). It was one of the best games I've watched on T.V. in a long time (okay, so my team won, and so we don't have cable, but it was still one of the best games I've seen!) Go Wildcats!

* During vacation, a woman at the salon said Amber was going to be a reporter, and then a man at the pool said Amber was going to be the first female president. Does our daughter have a strong personality, or what?!

* We discovered that Eric is the "Squirrel Whisperer" as he fed two fat squirrels out of his hands and petted one of them, at the beach.

* We went hiking, saw deer outside our hotel door, watched the elephant seals fight for their mates at Piedras Blancas beach, saw Zebras at San Simeon and Amber got to hold a monarch butterfly in her hands for a long time (maybe she's the "Butterfly Whisperer").

It was an awesome vacation!


try2bAsunbeam said...

It looks like you were blessed with a great time! The best we do for family vacations is when we got to our dentist...Hold on, let me finish...When we moved 5 years ago, my hubby won't change dentists so we have to drive an hour to HIS dentist (I switched me and the kids) and afterwards, we stop at Pike Lake and walk the trails. Other than that, business is too busy for us to leave it...
I enjoyed your pictures!

Michele said...

We have spent several anniversaries at The Apple Farm in San Luis Obispo and love that area- especially the San Simeon beach area. You are so blessed to live close! Oh- and go Wildcats!

ATSmith said...

Great recap! I can't believe you remembered all of those details 3 weeks later!

Christine H. said...

I wrote in my journal each night. I don't have a good memory at all! : )

Melanie said...

Sounds like a great time. Makes me want to go on vacation. :)

Kari Rodems said...

Sounds like a fabulous time was had by all. :) Saw Eric and the girls this morning at the Coffee Connection... Your girls are such little ladies.... very sweet! xo