Friday, December 28, 2007

The Days After Christmas

Well, it's three days after Christmas and I only have two presents under the tree to give away (to a friend and a babysitter). Not bad. We had a wonderful Christmas; Eric's parents came to our house from Santa Barbara with almost the entire lunch, a simple chicken dinner. We opened gifts first, went on a walk around the neighborhood and then had lunch. After lunch, while Autumn took a nap, so did everyone else but me and Amber. We went outside to see the neighbor girls. One of my favorite things about Christmas day is going outside and seeing everyone playing with their gifts. The girls next door got new bikes and our neighbor across the street (the dad) got a radio controlled helicopter. It was fun watching him get the thing going in the air and then see it crash into the bushes! "It's not as easy as it looks," he yelled to me. I think some of the best gifts to give kids (and adults) are the ones that get them OUTSIDE of the house, like bikes and skateboards and surfboards and radio-controlled cars and jump ropes and sidewalk chalk. I gave Eric a bocce ball set and after everyone finished napping, we went to the park to play bocce ball. When it was too dark to see the ball, we went back to the house to eat leftovers from lunch. It was such a fun and mellow Christmas!

Yesterday I took the girls and my friend, Laurisa, and her little boy to Ventura to my favorite place to shop after Christmas: Target. The sales are awesome, and I saved so much money and didn't spend over $40. It was fun shopping with a good friend. The kids were so well-behaved. (Why can't they be like that when it's just them and me?) Amid the half-price Christmas stuff, the employees were setting out Valentine's Day decorations. That used to really annoy me, but now it doesn't bother me at all. I mean, how can I expect Target--a major corporation--to do anything but what they're designed to do: sell stuff!

Anyway, after spending hours in Target just taking our time (it was so nice to not have to rush), we went to McDonald's and then to Michael's so I could buy plain paper bags with handles to decorate for next year. I saw this idea where you take the front of old Christmas cards and glue them on plain brown or white paper bags and add pompoms or pipe cleaners for decoration. They make such cute Christmas gift bags.

While we were at Michael's, Amber and Wences had fun taking the marked-down ornaments off the rack and decorating one of the artificial trees with them. As we drove home, Autumn gave Wences a bloody nose when she stuck her finger up his nostril. Yikes! It was hard to keep from laughing about my shy little two-year-old giving an almost-6-year-old a bloody nose!

It was a fun Christmas season at the Hodge Lodge. I'd love to hear about yours!


mandrews said...

Man! Wencencito will never live that one down! HAHA!

Kari Rodems said...

Hi Christine - Sounds like your Christmas with family and friends was what it should be... filled with love and laughs and great moments that make for great memories! xo
P.S. We are back from Mammoth so Coffee next week should work out... I'll email you soon - :)

frisky said...

Our Christmas was REALLY relaxed... I didn't get out of my jammies all day and for dinner, I made pancakes. The kids loved it!