Saturday, November 10, 2007


Just two posts ago, I blogged about superglue. Now I'm writing about Velcro. What's next, you ask? Let's see, masking tape. No, I'm not going to start writing tidbits about household adhesives. Actually, Eric said I should blog about this. You know you're a serious blogger when your spouse starts suggesting you write about daily occurrences.

So here goes...Today Eric bought Velcro. On his own. And used it. On his own. That's it. There's nothing more to write.

Seriously, though, I went outside to play with the girls today and there were three different sized plastic storage bins by the back door. At first, I thought that one of Eric's customers was getting rid of them and gave them to us. He sometimes brings home food and clothes and stuff for the girls, courtesy of his customers. So, I got all excited, thinking of how and where I was going to use these new treasures. I love organizing! Yeah, I know, it's a blessing, and a curse! I asked Eric where he got the bins and he said that he bought them. He bought them! What? Where? (the hardware store, if you must know.) Later, I went into the house to start dinner and when I came out, he had organized all of his scan tools and computers and accessories.

He plugged all of his scan tool cords and computer cords into one power strip, bound up all of the cords and placed it all in a bin. He cut a hole in the bin for an extension cord to pass through and--walla--all of his loose cords were neatly organized. Then he Velcroed (here's where the title comes in) his printer to the lid of the storage bin so it wouldn't slide around on the seat of his car, like it used to. Okay, I was IMPRESSED! Eric is not an organized person, by nature. But wait, there's more! He took me back into the house and showed me his "charging station." (He was so proud!) He plugged all of the chargers for his scan tools and computers into an extension cord and put them all in another storage bin. He cut a hole in the bin for the extension cord to go through and plugged it into an outlet under the craft table. Now all he has to do is open the bin and plug the chargers into the appropriate tools and charge them up, all the while keeping them tidy and away from the girls. Wow!

Well, there you have it...the Velcro story that Eric wanted me to post on my blog. Oh--by the way--even though I didn't get to use the storage bins, Eric let me keep the leftover Velcro. Yippee!


Anonymous said...

Wow! This sounds impressive and creative. You need pictures to go along! :) Have a great vacation, sounds wonderful!

frisky said...

Wow, what can I say? I'm proud, so very proud.

heidibelle said...

That is so cute. And creative. Tell Eric we are all so proud of him and his creative solution. I love that feeling when I come up with a great solution like that.

try2bAsunbeam said...

That is great! Pat him on the back for all the husbands who would never let their wives be part of such miraculous moments! hehe...**beaming for Eric's ingenuity in Wisconsn!**