Friday, November 2, 2007


I hate superglue! And "hate" is not too strong of a word to describe my feelings. Every time I use superglue it ends up all over my hands. But with two very rambunctious preschoolers who manage to find new ways to break things around the house (and they're girls!), I find myself grabbing the bottle to fix what I can before I throw it away.

My friend, Gina, knows all about my superglue woes. Last year I called her up in a tizzy because I had managed to glue my hand to the cardboard back of a picture frame that I was repairing. The hanging piece had fallen off and I was glueing it back on when the tube of superglue exploded from the bottom and squirted glue all over my left hand.

When I get superglue on my hands, it lasts for days because I guess I have tough skin. Fingernail polish remover with acetone doesn't work. Soaking my hands in soapy water works a little bit. But mostly it just has to wear off over several days.

The other night I was suffering from insomnia due to a concussion I received Monday when I accidentally slammed the car trunk hatch on my head. (That's another story altogether, and not as exciting.) So, after uploading pictures and blogging, I decided to repair a broken porcelain tea set of Amber's that Autumn accidentally (the verdict is still out) dropped on the floor. Amber had such a good attitude when Autumn dropped it, that I wanted to try to glue the pieces back together for her. So, at midnight, I got out the superglue. That was my first mistake!

First, I glued the broken plate. Success! Then I glued the handle back onto the teapot. Yes! No glue on my hands yet! Then I glued the teacup back together. I stood back to look at the repaired porcelain and smiled. I looked at my clean, superglue-free hands and beamed. I thought to myself, "Gina would be proud!" And then I looked at the tea set again. That was my second mistake! I noticed that the plate was sticking to the cardboard that I had placed it on, so I gently picked up the plate to move it to a new spot on the cardboard. The plate broke in two again and splotched superglue all over both my hands! I ran to the bathroom to try to wash it off. I new it wouldn't work, but I was desperate. I spent the next 30 minutes peeling glue off of my skin before retiring to bed at 1 a.m.

The glue is still on my skin. And that's why I hate superglue!


P.S. I managed to find a superglue I like the best. It comes in a nearly indestructible bottle, so at least the tube won't explode on me. It's in a green and gray bottle: Loctite Superglue Goof Proof (goof proof for everyone but me!).


frisky said...

Darn, I was so close to being proud, too!! LOL!!!

Kari Rodems said...

Hi there... How's your concusion? Hope you are doing better. As far as the super glue thing goes... I once glued my eye shut(in high school) was a long eye doctor was not amused by it so I wont bore you with the details... fortunatly no lasting impact... just much more cautious when I use it these days! sweet dreams -

ATSmith said...

Funny story Christine. Sorry about your hands ...

try2bAsunbeam said...

Oh, now that is funny! Well, maybe not...
(if you are still laughing it's funny and if you're not, then I'm sorry for laughing! *wink*

Sorry to hear about your head. I hope you are alright.


admin said...

I just happened across this blog... that is a funny story, and one I think most people can relate to. By the way, the best way to preserve superglue is to keep it in the freezer. It won't freeze, get hard, or plug up - it keeps virtually forever.

BTW, since you have young children, you and other parents might be interested in viewing our daughters website which is

God bless, and be careful with that superglue.