Thursday, November 29, 2007

God's Winged Creation

Just a few minutes ago, I walked outside to put mail in the mailbox and I walked into a flurry of activity. Dozens upon dozens of birds were congregating in my front yard. When I stepped onto the path, they scattered into nearby trees and bushes. I put my mail in the box, put the flag up and ever-so-slowly walked back to my front porch where I stood there--still as a statue--until the birds returned to their activities of pecking around in the grass for berries and seeds. I had never seen so many birds in my front yard! There were a few blue jays and some yellow-breasted finches and some sparrows. But the majority of the birds were little sparrow-like birds that were light brown all over, until they spread their wings. Then I discovered a bright yellow patch on their tails, under their wings. I could only see it when they flew. I thought of how marvelous God's creation is and how creative he was when he decided to give these little birds a hidden patch of brightness.

I also got to watch a hummingbird drink nectar from my neighbor's flowers. Now talk about creativity! I wonder what God was thinking when he designed the hummingbird to be able to fly backwards and hover in mid-air by rapidly flapping its wings 15–80 times per second and maintain its position while drinking nectar. And those tiny birds can fly! When it was startled, I saw that hummingbird take off across the street so fast I lost sight of it!

The last thing I saw before returning to the house was a turkey vulture soaring in the sky. Those birds may look ugly on the ground, but when they fly...when they soar, they are absolutely beautiful. After taking off at a fast pace, the turkey vulture just hung in the air, like a kite floating on the wind. It reminded me of my skydiving days. All I could think in my mind was, "Thank you, God, for creating birds!"

Reluctantly I walked back into the house because I guess I can't spend all day on my front porch (wouldn't that be nice!). I think the birds were happy that I left because right before I turned to go, one of those yellow-patched birds flew right into my face! (Okay, I get the hint!) Now they can go back to their foraging in peace. I can go back to my mommy and household duties with a little more peace, too, for I got to commune with God, even if for a few minutes, during an otherwise hectic day.


mandrews said...

Very cute post! Isn't God amazing and creative! I love it! Even though I am sort of scared of birds... they are still really pretty!

Ryan said...

I didn't know where to post it, but your blog showed up as College level as well.

try2bAsunbeam said...

Very nice post. As always, an enjoyment to read.

frisky said...

I was totally waiting for you to say that right after you thanked God for birds, that you got pooped on!!! Then I would've thanked God for having a sense of humor!! LOL!!!

Christine H. said...

Funny you should mention that, Gina. When I was in college, I was on campus and between classes having my quie time with God, as I tried to do between classes. I was sitting under a palm tree and -- you guessed it -- a bird pooped all over (and I mean all over) the front of my shirt. So, I had to go back to my dorm to change clothes, all the while saying to God, "I was trying to have my quiet time with you like I should, and this is the thanks I get! : ) "

Rebecca said...

I can't believe you knew what they all were! You'd love the hoppy little snowbirds up here. I have no idea what they're called.

Dawn said...

Hi Christine - just got your Christmas card & letter w/ this blog address. You're doing great, and it will be fun to be able to keep up w/ you and your family this way.

I'll definitely be checkin' it from time to time.