Monday, September 10, 2007

I Love Weddings!

Last night we attended another wedding! In the past few years we've gone to several weddings of former youth group students we worked with. It's so neat to see these young couples pledge their pure love to one another, and then see them later on down the road serving the Lord together. It's one of the few times we see the positive results of working with teen-agers. And it's very rewarding.
In a beautiful outdoor setting, we watched Tim & Nicki exchange vows. We've known Tim since he was in junior high; in fact he was one of the first students we worked with as new youth leaders more than 10 years ago! We've only known Nicki for a few years, but she stole our daughter's heart when she was Amber's preschool teacher last year. Amber just adores her Miss Nicki!

After the ceremony, we ate a delicious dinner of tri tip and barbecued chicken (I love Southern California weddings!) and danced and ate cake and had a wonderful time! I think it's funny that we have to go to a wedding to get in a good dance now and then. Our daughters couldn't wait to get out on the dance floor, and Autumn--our little Happy Feet--made us all laugh with her fancy footwork!
I love weddings!


ATSmith said...

Great pictures! Amber & Autumn were so cute dancing! Wow - you are fast today. Must have got that blogging bug : )

mandrews said...

Very Cute! Your daughters were very entertaining!

frisky said...

Apparantly, I've only been to SoCal weddings, cause I was thinkin', "Well, what else would you have for dinner at a wedding?!" I'm such a redneck!!! LOL!

Dave & Katie said...

What fun! It was such a beautiful wedding...cute pictures.