Thursday, September 6, 2007

Go Fish!

Yikes! After my week-long fast, I just finished reading about 30 blog posts, and commenting on almost all of them. (I just love to "dialog," even if it is through cyberspace). It took me about an hour. And now I am ready to post some funny things that happened last week while we were playing a game as a family.

Last Wednesday evening, Eric, Amber and I were playing the Go Fish card game.
Eric said, "Christine, do you have a brown starfish?"
I said, "No."
Amber said, "I do," and held it up.

During another game, Eric asked Amber, "Do you have a, um," and then he paused.
Amber finished his sentence, "A blue marlin?"
Eric said, "Yes, Amber, do you have a blue marlin?"
Amber handed it over.
And she still wins almost every game!

Amber won another game (as usual) and she stood up and did a victory dance and said, "Ha ha ha ha ha!"
Eric said, "Amber, you shouldn't laugh when you win."
I said, "Why not? I do."
Everyone laughed.


mandrews said...

I love Go Fish! How fun that you got to spend time playing cards and stuff all week!!

frisky said...

That CRACKS me up!! It's so true! I'm still LOL!!!!

try2bAsunbeam said...

That is just so sweet! Thanks for sharing!