Thursday, September 20, 2007

Football, Again!

Okay, so I think I like football more than I thought...high school and college football, that is. Some of my favorite movies are about football: Remember the Titans, We Are Marshall, Facing the Giants. And the sitcom, Coach, is one of my faves.

Today I was finishing up watching Facing the Giants (It's rare that I see a movie in it's entirety in one sitting, unless I'm at the theatres.) Anyway, Autumn and Amber were watching it with me, and I discovered that Autumn really likes football. I'll have to take her to the Nordhoff games. When the players would collide, Autumn would throw herself down on the floor, acting like she was tackled. And when the kicker scored a field goal, Autumn threw her sippy cup across the room. (She's got a good throw, too!)

I had to explain a few things to Amber, the fact that the players are supposed to hit each other...and the coaches are supposed to yell a lot...and that the main goal of football is to win the game. Then she started asking me how the game is played. I started to explain it to her and got a few words out before I realized that I didn't even know how the game is played.

We finished watching the movie and I was crying and the actors in the movie were crying and then I had to explain to Amber and Autumn that it was a happy cry and that Mommy was okay. No matter how many times I watch the movie Facing the Giants I always cry my way through it. It's not the greatest movie, as far as Hollywood goes. Actually it was independently funded and filmed and the actors aren't even real actors. They're all members of this big church somewhere in the south. But it's still a great movie. If you can get past the first 45 minutes of bad acting, it draws you in and has an awesome message of faith that I think all of us need to hear every once in a while. The bonus features are cool, too, because they explain who the "actors" are: the football coach is a real coach. The announcer is a real announcer. The teachers are real teachers, etc. Anyway, it's worth viewing.

So, now that my eyes are puffy, I think I'll go see when the next Nordhoff home game is, because I think I really like football.


try2bAsunbeam said...

Thta movie was a tear-jerker for me too. I think I was bawlig when they gave the guy the new truck! When it comes to "Christian" movies, I thought it was pretty good, but you're right in saying it's not a flashy Hollywood movie.
Another good movie is "Becasue of Winn Dixie". That was a tear jerker for me too...

heidibelle said...

You are so funny with this football thing. I'm sure if I tried to explain the sport, I wouldn't have any idea either. My kids know next to nothing about any sport. We'll have to introduce them to it somehow.