Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Oh, Mercy!

This morning, at 12:02 a.m., my bladder woke me up. It was unusual, because my bladder generally wakes me up around 5 a.m. I stumbled out of bed and into the hallway where I heard loud noises coming from the living room. It was only by God's mercy that I didn't run back into the bedroom, shut the door, wake Eric up and tell him someone is in the house and to get the baseball bat (especially since we don't even own a baseball bat).

I faintly recognized the sound in the living room. It was Michelangelo and The Difference--a hard rock/alternative band--singing "Give the Children Mercy" at volume 12 on our stereo. But why were they singing it at midnight?

This past Saturday, we helped our friends have a garage sale at our house. (The Yellow House Yard Sale) Being at our house, we got first pick of the goods, and we bought a CD player/stereo. I was so excited because this system played 3 Cd's, whereas our old stereo---that was broken--used to play only one CD. (Don't bother to mention the fact that I'm behind the times. Remember, I don't even own a cell phone, let alone an ipod.)

So, yesterday I eagerly set up the stereo and put in three Cd's: Third Day, Everybody Duck and Michelangelo and The Difference (MaTD). I must have had Phoenix on my mind when I selected the last two Cd's. Anyway, we enjoyed music in our home again. The girls danced, I cooked dinner, a bluebird started singing along outside, a little squirrel stopped climbing the tree to listen to the music, I saw a lizard dance a jig on a rock in the back yard, the world was in harmony...

Okay, so where was I? Oh yeah, the loud noise at midnight. Well, when I set up the stereo, I must have set the sleep/alarm clock thing for 12 a.m. The background noise probably woke me up, not my bladder. So, I turned the power off and unplugged the speakers, just in case, and went back to bed, only to be woken again at 6 a.m., this time by my bladder!

Well, I better go plug back in the speakers.

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heidibelle said...

Wow, that would have scarred me to death! I"m glad you figured out what it was right away. And I am glad you are enjoying the music. It is great have music in the house.