Saturday, August 25, 2007

More Kids Stuff

Soap Opera:
Tonight I learned that if I was ever to threaten my youngest child with, ".....or I'll wash out your mouth with soap," she wouldn't care. I told the girls to meet me in the bathroom so we could all brush our teeth. When I walked in the bathroom, Amber had her toothbrush in her hand and Autumn had little bits of dial soap in her hand, and more in her mouth! She was chewing the soap like it was gum! This is the same child that--at dinner tonight--ate chips with very hot salsa and asked for more!

Amber's boyfriend:
When Amber got home from her first day of pre-kindergarten Tuesday, she said that Drake--a boy in her class--asked her to sit next to him at lunch.
"He really did?" I asked.
Amber said, "Well, yeah, he told me to 'come over here and sit down.'"
"So, what did you do?" I asked.
"I went to sit next to him but Dillon took my spot, so I sat on the other side of Drake."

Amber's philosophy on sharing:
Regarding preschool, Amber said to me a few days ago, "If someone doesn't share with me, I'll just stomp off in a huff and play with someone else!"
I had to conceal my laughter as I tried to correct her thinking.
Amber's bad dream:
At breakfast, Amber told us that she had a bad dream. It went like this: "I dreamed that there was a lady carrying a big basket of walnuts and there was a man and the lady dropped her basket and the walnuts went everywhere and people ate them all up!"
Eric asked her, "So, what was the bad part of the dream?"
Amber said, "The walnuts got all eaten up!"
Now to Amber--a lover of food--that would be a bad dream!


IslandHopperGirl said...

That is so cute! wow, how do you chew soap and like the taste???? lol. anyways, i'm glad your daughter is doing good at her school. She seems like such a sweet little girl.

try2bAsunbeam said...

Oh, my...

I don't know what else to say....

OH my...


Jeff Frazee said...

Amber and her food. I can totally see her waking up from the dream in a cold sweat. a