Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lost Boys of Sudan

Tonight we watched an excellent documentary, Lost Boys of Sudan. (You can get it from Netflix.) The story follows two Sudanese refugees through their journey from Africa to the U.S. I must admit, it was hard to watch the movie while sitting in my comfortable recliner in our nice home. But I highly recommend viewing it. It was eye-opening and convicting and uplifting. It was not a downer. Let me know what you think of the documentary.


Jeff Frazee said...

I just had to leave a comment on this one cause it's one of my favorite movies, and it's what I hope to do with my professional life.
I'm really glad you guys watched it. Take out the civil war, and you get a little bit of a taste for where we are moving our family. And you can see the contrasts between most of Africa and America. I hope you guy get to experience it first-hand some day soon!

heidibelle said...

I'm glad you got to watch that one. There are so many stories that we miss out on in our daily lives. And sometimes, they are happening right around us. That is what is so cool with documentaries. Keep up the great blogging.