Sunday, August 19, 2007

Allergies and Monkeys

My daughter, Amber, knows that I am allergic to rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and just about every dog breed (except the tiny, annoying-yet-cute, yappy dogs). That's why we used to own pet snakes...I'm not allergic to reptiles.

The other day, we were driving to Ventura and Amber said that she had a "great idea."

Amber: Mommy, instead of a dog or a cat, I've decided I want a monkey for a pet.

Mommy: Oh, I don't think we can get a monkey.

Amber (in an exasperated tone): Why? Who's allergic to monkeys?

I was laughing too hard to respond.


IslandHopperGirl said...

Thank you. I try. lol. Hey, I didn't know you are a youth leader! That's awesome! Maybe that's why ur easy to talk to. lol. Ya. u said u wish u were young again, but it's different now a days. So much has happened to this world. I can't even take a walk outside by myself. The computer world is starting to become evil, with the internet and everything. And There are so many evil temptations everywhere, it's crazy! It's enough to make u go insane!! Anyways, i'm glad i have a good home and i'm glad u have a good home 4 u and ur family.

Kari Rodems said...

I always wanted a monkey too. When I was growing up, after choir practice at church we would run to the corner of the parking lot and peek over the fence. The house on the back corner of the church lot had a cage with monkeys in it! Actually I really wanted my own lion, but I some how rationalized I had a better chance of getting a monkey. Never got a monkey. Did have two yappee dogs though. Love hearning about your kids. - thanks for the smile! - Kari

Anonymous said...

That was funny! Just catching up on your blog. You guys have so much fun!