Thursday, July 26, 2007


When was the last time you laughed out loud? Really laughed? For no reason other than just to laugh? This afternoon I watched my two girls outside as they played in the kiddie pool. I sat in a chair and dipped my feet in the pool. The water was cold, but it felt so good in the almost 100 degree weather! Amber got a little scoop and poured water over my leg. I shivered and then laughed out loud. I actually squealed. Amber thought this was so funny, and so she proceeded to pour water onto my other leg. More squeals from me. More water, now on my shorts. More squeals, now from all three of us!

"Oh, what the heck," I thought, "We are having so much fun!" And with that, I was in that tiny kiddie pool, clothes and all, letting my girls pour water all over me. We haven't laughed that much, in unison, in a while! It was great!


hestermom said...

Yes, we did that the other day too...I was holding Noah in the pool. Of course, my kids kept wondering when "Noah's turn" would be over, since I was taking up the whole pool. Maybe that's why we call them kiddie pools. Oh well, I had fun.

ATSmith said...

That is so great. You have now motivated me to get in the kiddy pool the next time the kids are splashing. Sage always gets my feet but I make her stop at that ... time to let loose a little, huh? Kids love that, huh? When there parents act goofy.

ATSmith said...

I finally did it! I got soaked in the kiddy pool! Of course it helped that it is a gazillion degrees outside (at 1030a.m.), but nonetheless, mommy splashed around and got soaked IN the kiddy pool. Thanks for the encouragement.