Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Heavy Ever After

Two blog posts in one day...is that allowed? : )

This afternoon, Amber was "reading" to me out of her Cinderella coloring book. This is what she said:

* One day there was a beautiful princess named Cinderella. (turn the page)
* She had two mean stepsisters who were mean.
* They tore her dress...mommy, you don’t like this part do you? I’ll skip it.
(turn the page)
* Her fairy godmother made a beautiful blue dress for her, and horses for her and a castle...wait, she didn’t make a castle for her.
* Cinderella went to the castle and danced with the prince. (turn the page)
* She married the prince and they lived HEAVY ever after.

Yeah, HEAVY would describe marriage better than HAPPILY, even in the best of marriages! : )

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ATSmith said...

heavy describes lots of thing in marriage ... Frisk could probably put a few phrases together with that word : ) what a funny story though. Thanks for sharing : )