Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fabulous Fourth!

Okay, it's a week later and I am just now posting a blog about the Fourth of July. It's been very busy around here with swim lessons for Amber and parties to go to and our house being painted (I will soon be posting about that, too). What a life!

Although a week has gone by, I still want to tell you about our Independence Day activities. It was perhaps the best 4th we've ever had as a family. We started the day by sleeping in (yes, the girls cooperated on that one for once). Then we decided to go to Carrows for breakfast. It was almost 10:00, and we knew we'd miss part of the parade, but it usually lasts for three hours. We got the best seat in the corner by the window with a perfect view of the parade. Our good friends Cindy and Candy served us, and we had a nice meal while oohing and aahing over the band and floats and cars and horses. Amber ate her meal standing up, turned around and looking out the window (ya gotta love small town restaurants).

When we finished eating we walked outside to find a spot to see the rest of the parade. It was 11:15, and we got outside just in time to see the firetrucks (and Amber's favorite part: Smokey the Bear), signifying the end of the parade. What? That has got to be the shortest parade in the history of Ojai. One man walking by said, "Man, the parade gets shorter and shorter every year!"

Oh well, our kids didn't know they had "missed" the parade. They saw a lot from the restaurant. And then I got to thinking, "We should do this every year...sit in an air-conditioned restaurant eating yummy French toast with strawberries and whipped cream, and watch the parade." I'm glad we weren't out there in the heat. The long walk back to the car was hot enough!

When we returned home, the girls and Eric took a nap and I read. Then we went across the street to our neighbor's party. They had a Jolly Jump water slide that Amber went down about a hundred times!

Later that evening we moseyed on over to the Ojai United Methodist Church for their festivities: crafts, games, food and a great view of the fireworks (all for $5). Amber and I made several crafts and Eric played badminton. The fireworks were fabulous, and so much fun to watch with our good friends (the Gonzalez, Frisk, and Rodriguez families, Miss Sherrie and Miss Gloria--Amber's preschool teachers).

When I finally went to bed that night, I thought, "This was the best 4th of July we've ever had."


Anonymous said...

We must have just missed you at Carrows! We left around 10. Abby wouldn't stand for eating anywhere else but with MaMa and Aunt Candy! It did seem pretty short but I think there weren't as many long drawn out breaks. Looks like a great time! I love 4th of July in Ojai.

heidibelle said...

That sounds like a blast! I'm glad you got to have such a fun 4th of July. Sorry we missed it! I was thinking of the Ojai parade that day!

Kari Rodems said...

We where at Carrows early, then went outside to sweat and watch the parade (I think I like your idea better!) The girls look adorable :)