Friday, June 29, 2007

Kid Stuff

Recently I was wrestling with what to--and what not to--put on this blog, in the way of kid stuff. I asked a friend what she considered was "bragging" about the kids. We came to the conclusion that if it isn't outwardly saying that your kid is superior to others, and if it's a funny thing that could make someone smile, or encourage someone, or teach someone...then go for it. I think this meets one or more of those criteria. So, here goes:

A few minutes ago, I sat the girls down at their kiddie table with a snack (Goldfish--with preservatives) and went into my office to check my email. About 10 minutes later, I walked back into the dining room. My socks became wet. I looked down to see that the floor had been "mopped." I asked Amber what had happened and she said, "There was goldfish on the floor so I cleaned it up."

She had gotten the Shark* mini-vacuum and swept up the crumbs, then got the Swiffer Wet Jet* and mopped the area. I said, "Wow! Amber, you're such a big helper!" She said, "I needed to do my work and I thought you'd be very proud." I told her I was proud and then came back into my office to post this blog article.

I wrote this as an encouragement to moms and dads with young kids...that there will come a time when your young-uns do things that will make your heart cry tears of joy. So, I cherish times like these and write in my "online journal" so I won't forget.

* BTW, I strongly endorse the Shark mini vac, and the entire line of Swiffer products to help mommys and daddys with the never-ending task of housework.


Melanie said...

Thanks for sharing Christine. I love knowing what I have to look forward to with Abby. We just got a Shark Mini Vac and love it. Good to know that someone else thinks it is a good buy.
Melanie Trattner

hestermom said...

Oh man! I really have been thinking about getting one of those Shark things...good to know.
P.S. I think posting is the same as anything else, it all depends on your heart. If you're posting to brag, then maybe skip it. If you're posting because you're tickled and want to share with others, then go for it. I had never really thought about the bragging thing before, so it is a good thing to think about.

Kari Rodems said...

Oh my goodness...does she hire out? Obviously you have set a great example (that makes me wonder about my 2 teenagers and their lack of tidyness..hum...)

Dave & Katie said...

That's really cute. It definitely put a smile on my face...great blog by the way.

heidibelle said...

Cute story. I can just picture her... And Kari, it is more inbread than what you teach them sometimes. I have one who love to 'tidy' and one who would rather have teeth pulled at the dentist. They are so opposite I don't know what to do with them. I have never heard of teh Shark Mini Vac. How out of it am I???

ATSmith said...

I am so glad you shared this story ... soooooooooo cute! I bet Amber was so excited to see your response -- and what a fabulous response you had. Sage actually thanked me for making dinner tonight ... out of the blue -- no pushes from dad or anything -- that was another one of those precious moments : )

Rebecca said...

What a sweetie! I would so ruthlessly take advantage of that inkling to clean. If only. . . :)

I always see those Shark vacs on and wonder about them. Thanks for the tip!