Friday, June 8, 2007

Fun with a Cardboard Box

Yesterday I had another "Mom Moment," as I am calling them now--the times when I really feel like a mom. I was putting away groceries from Costco and as I started to recycle a box, I turned it upside down and said to Eric, "What does this look like to you?" He avoided the obvious answer (a box) and said, "a large hat." He was trying. I said, "No, a puppet show stage." And so began the fun that Amber and I had making it. It's really easy...
Step 1: Get a medium-size box (preferably the ones from Costco that only have two sides, or cut large openings in the two longest sides of the box.

Step 2: Paint the box with either acrylic or spray paint. (If you use spray paint, like I did, make the kiddos stand far away as you paint).

Step 3: Use acrylic paint to paint accents on the front and sides of the box. (squiggly lines, dots--a pensil eraser works well dipped in paint to make perfect dots)

Step 4: (Just because there's more than three steps, don't panic; most things in life can't be accomplished with just three steps.) Glue buttons or pom-poms or ribbon or pipe cleaners to the front of the box for decoration. (We used buttons.)

Step 5: Find some fabric for curtains. (We had to buy fabric because I can't sew and don't even have a scrap of fabric in the house. BTW, Ben Franklin in Ojai is having a 25% off sale on fabric. Amber picked the perfect pattern.)

Step 6: Buy a dowel (49 cents) or use a rod or something similar you have around the house. Paint it, if desired.

Step 7: (This is where it gets tricky, if you are like me and can't sew.) Measure out the fabric to fit over the opening in the "stage." Cut it. Sew a loop across the top of the fabric, big enough for the dowel to fit through. Push the dowel through the hole.

Step 8: Use hot glue or super glue to afix the dowel on top of the "stage" so it hangs over the front.

Step 9: Grab the puppets and start the show!


heidibelle said...

That is too cute Christine! How ambitious and inventive you are. Amber will remember that forever. You get the extra mommy points for that one!!!

ATSmith said...

Just as I was reading step 3 and thinking, there are more steps, I read your encouraging note : ) Great job on the puppet show. How about we just come over and use it with you ... hee hee. I am with Heidi -- you get extra mommy points.

Christine H. said...

Thanks, ladies! Amber, I have another box like that and paint and a dowel, and maybe enough left-over fabric. You are welcome to use them. Or come over with the girls one day and I will occupy the two little ones while you and Sage and Amber Shea make another stage. That would be fun!

ATSmith said...

Fabulous idea! Let's set up a date ... Sage will be so excited : )

Kari Rodems said...

Very cute! So creative! What fun!