Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dumb Crooks

Wow, I can't believe it's been five days since I posted a blog article! It's been a busy, crazy week. I've been wanting to re-tell a story that my father-in-law told us during dinner recently. It's a true story, straight from the "horse's" mouth, so you don't have to wonder if it's an urban legend or check it out on Snopes.

Eric's dad, Bob, was going to the beach in Santa Barbara years ago when he noticed some guys stealing a stereo out of a car. He watched the thieves put the stereo into their car and head for the beach. He went over to their car and decided he would just check the doors. The thieves had left their car door unlocked. Bob retrieved the stolen stereo and was able to return it to its rightful owner. Talk about dumb crooks!

(Here's a picture of Eric and his dad, Bob.)


heidibelle said...

I remember hearing that one before! Too funny. I'm glad you recorded it for posterity. :)

Christine H. said...

So, Eric's dad must have told you that story before. He's repeating himself...oh no! LOL